Mysteries Of The Birth Of A Spiritual Level

Dr. Michael LaitmanDeuteronomy, 23:10 – 23:11: When a camp goes out against your enemies, you shall beware of everything evil. If there is among you a man who is unclean because of a nocturnal emission, he shall go outside the camp. He shall not come within the camp.

During the night a person cannot be in spiritual union with the Light, a screen, and a desire because there is no Zivug (coupling) of Light and screen. In our world, sexual coupling usually happens at night. But here we are saying that it should happen only during the light of day.

Question: Does it mean that a person is unclean because this coupling happened at night?

Answer: Not only because of that, but also because this ejection of the Light is happening without a screen and without the Kelim (vessels) that are necessary if there is to be reception in order to bestow. In other words, there is no receiving, feminine part here and the ejection of the seed occurs without a vessel, and the vessel is necessary in order to then birth the next state, the next level. This is considered unclean.

Question: If, as you say, coupling must take place in the light, then why does it say that it happens in darkness?

Answer: Precisely when it is dark, when there is absence of the upper Light, contact between the male and the female aspects occurs. This symbolizes preparation for the union between a screen, a desire, and the upper Light. That’s why this happens only at night and only on specific days and in specific states.

As a rule, it must be during the day, especially on a Saturday. After the meal entering Shabbat, from Friday to Saturday, when Saturday comes, a man must be with a woman. And then again on Mincha, that is, before the end of Shabbat. This corresponds with the Light which, at this particular time, shines in the spiritual world.

Naturally, in our world there is no Light whatsoever. Everything simply happens as an analogy to spiritual actions, as they say, “a pale copy.”

The birth of the next level during the day on Saturday is the most auspicious time for correcting the Kli. This is the time when all the conditions are positive for the feminine part (desire) and masculine part (intention and union with the upper Light) to create the proper action of bestowal.

This is a very complex system of forces that subsequently materialize in our world in the form of male and female organs, which then interact in a way that produces the continuation of life. With respect to this, there are days (seven unclean days), when it is forbidden to touch a woman. After this, another seven days are counted; fourteen days in total. Finally, there are only two weeks remaining, which are appropriate for insemination.

All this was calculated during those times when all women had the same lunar cycle. The lunar month is twenty-eight days and corresponded exactly to the women’s cycle. There was a sense of one single woman because it was a time that was close to spiritual correction.

It is written in the Talmud Eser Sefirot that the first seven unclean days are Gevurot (screens), which must form within the woman in order for her to correctly receive the seed into herself, the seed, representing the upper Light. The second seven days are preparation, formalizing her desire together with the screen.

Afterward, the woman bathes in the Mikveh. This means that the desire is bathed in a certain light called Mikveh, water, the light of Bina. After this, she becomes completely ready to act in order to bestow because this is the quality Bina imparts to her. And then, within her, forms a desire that is able to receive the upper Light to its point in the heart and to begin to develop a soul from it. In this way, birth can occur only from the quality of Bina joined with Malchut.
From KabTV’s “The Secrets Of The Eternal Book,” 10/19/2016

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