Islam, Spain, And The Entire World

laitman_437In the News (Breitbart): “Hundreds of posters displayed in a migrant-dominated part of Barcelona are urging Muslim men to marry Spanish women in a bid to spread Islam, and inviting members of the community to an ‘information meeting’.

“The posters, which are derogatory about Christians but call on ‘Brothers’ to marry women of the religion to ‘strengthen’ Islam, have been plastered through the neighbourhood of El Raval. Official data collected in 2014 found that 56.7 per cent of residents in El Raval were born abroad.

“’It is permissible and encouraged that the Muslim man marries honest and chaste women who belong to the People of the Book. Even though they have distorted and altered the tradition, they are still suitable for marriage.

“’Brother, enter a partnership with a Spaniard, teach her that Islam is the true religion. …

“Local media reports that El Raval is a key target for Muslim supremacist groups who say followers of Islam have a ‘right of return’ to Spain.”

My Comment: Spain was once conquered by Muslims and stayed under their rule for a long time.

According to Islam, the lands that were once Muslim for some time, first of all, are obliged to return to Islam, not to mention the entire world.

Question: What is going to happen to Spain?

Answer: The same thing that will happen to the entire world: Islam will cover the entire world. Of course, there will be big problems with Christianity, especially with Orthodoxy. But they will settle it. This is what the Torah says.

Question: What about us? Will we be able to handle it?

Answer: When they come up against us, they will become ill. But first they will conquer Europe.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/27/17

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