My Thoughts On Twitter, 5/18/17


#EU is talking about changing the EU foundation agreement. That will not help. Via education, EU population needs to become as one nation.

#Elites in all countries are divided by hatred without compromise.The solution is above their relationships, through influence of Ohr Makif.

#Trump: No US politician has even been as mistreated as me! Me: It’s precisely the criticism that will turn you into a PRESIDENT!

#WannaCry An extortion virus threatens the world | A global cyberattack.

#Happiness is achieved by overcoming misfortune via the middle line, as Kabbalah teaches. Otherwise, it becomes an endless pursuit.

#Trump leaked secrets? Relax! Only the power of the upper light changes the world, & the power of the light hinges on unity among the Jews.

#WannaCry Only by the unanimous consent of all countries can we defeat evil. This is precisely what Nature is pushing us towards.

A memo to #Trump in honor of his visit to #Israel @JPostOpinion

From Twitter, 5/18/17

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