Is There A Remedy For Cyber Attacks?

laitman_959The largest cyber attack in history: 200,000 people in 150 countries were impacted. The attacks not only caused various troubles, the attack also threatened people’s lives.

English hospitals couldn’t perform surgeries and rail operators’ computers in Germany and Russia were hacked. Banks, companies, state institutions, and private individuals also suffered.

The investigation has only just begun, but no matter who was behind this action and whatever goal they pursued, we received an instructive lesson.

Yes, attackers can easily damage a huge number of people and they can immobilize services and life support systems. Airlines, public utilities, for example, traffic light control systems can become blackmail victims.

Technology has tied us in a single tangle, and society does not have efficient solutions to emerging challenges. Social development is lagging behind the technical development. Computers that have provided us with great opportunities in irresponsible hands can become weapons of mass destruction.

And the problem is not in them; the problem is in us. Are we able to take control of our own nature, which in the world of global communications continues to live only in personal interests and maniacally seeks benefits at the expense of others?

Until we begin the process of educating Man (Adam) in ourselves, we all will depend on that monkey who holds the “grenade” of our achievements. Only Man will correctly use the global world connection and turn it for the benefit of all.

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