Epilogue To The Holocaust Memorial Day, Part 4

laitman_527_09Baal HaSulam, The Nation: The Holocaust was the result of the poison of hatred that afflicted the nations of the world, which led to the horrific death of millions of our brethren. We cannot delude ourselves by believing that we are speaking here about some transient and passing event.

The most progressive nations calmly barred their doors to us without feeling the least sympathy or pity. Without expecting miracles, it becomes apparent that our existence, individually and as a nation, balances on the scales of life and death.

And help will come only if we find the necessary instrument that will be able to tilt the scales in our favor…If we miss the chance and do not stand all as one, then the events we are facing will take on dangerous proportions, because they will unfold according to the will of our enemies who plan on wiping us off the face of the earth.

Obviously this was not a temporary phenomenon, but it exists within our shared nature. Humanity must reach union with the Creator, and the part that is called upon to demonstrate this method of correction is called Israel (Yashar-El, straight to the Creator).

This group of people received the method of correction and actualized it among themselves during the time of the First Temple. After 2,000 years of exile, Israel has spread throughout all humanity and now must once again establish its corrected state and draw all the nations of the world after it.

Let’s not fool ourselves by believing that the Holocaust was a momentary mistake that cannot be repeated. It can recur in a much worse form, not be the way it was in the past when it was contained within a particular European country, even if it had the support of all other developed nations, but with the complete support of all humanity, without exception. It can be seen even now, whenever there is a vote in the UN against Israel, 200 nations unanimously support the resolution.

And even though it is not without reason that the nation of Israel is called “stiff-necked” who refuses to understand what is happening to it, nevertheless, we have evidence today of such acts of anti-Semitism that make the time prior to the Holocaust seem much calmer. And, as usual, we are trying to shut our eyes and not notice what is happening until the last moment or even after it.

If we lose this chance, it will be impossible to save ourselves from harm, just as it happened during the Holocaust when there was nowhere to run. And today, after this whole tragedy, we are still repeating the same mistake as if nothing had happened.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/24/17, Lesson on Topic: “Holocaust Memorial Day”

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