A Worldwide Ideology

A Worldwide IdeologyThe Torah, Deuteronomy, 23:08-23:09: You shall not despise an Edomite, for he is your brother. You shall not despite an Egyptian, for you were a sojourner in his hands. Children who are born to them in the third generation may enter the assembly of the Lord.

This refers to the nations where the Jews lived during exile. Despite the fact that the peoples of the world oppressed them and organized pogroms, the Jews should treat them well.

It is interesting that when Jews leave the place of exile, they do not feel hatred, gloating, or any negative feelings towards the native population living there. This has never happened throughout history. And regarding the peoples who were in the Land of Israel and had to be conquered, the attitude was simple: destroy them.

Question: Why do the Jews who returned to the Land of Israel from different places experience a nostalgic attitude toward the peoples of the countries from which they came?

Answer: It’s because the Light is passed through the Jew who “fell” onto someone’s land and connected to another nation. By this he becomes responsible for their correction and has to attend to them. Therefore, he feels certain attraction, a special relationship toward this nation. This doesn’t exist in anyone but the Jews.

Question: It is written, “In the third generation they may enter the assembly of the Lord.” Meaning, the places where Jews lived during exile are sacred?

Answer: The Jews came out of Babylon and created a separate nation based upon a certain ideological principle. The nations of the world can do the same. Nothing needs to be changed other than the ideology. And the entire world will be this way.

Connection above egoism – this is the whole ideology.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 10/19/16

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