We Do Not Recognize BDS In Israel


In the News (Times of Israel): “Israel’s ambassador to France called on local cities to ban events tied to the pro-Palestinian Israel Apartheid Week, scheduled to begin Monday.

“Aliza Ben-Nun wrote to mayors of nine cities across France asking them to cancel events organized by the pro-Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, the Foreign Ministry said Friday.

“Ben-Nun said that the events are likely to cause disturbances, incitement to hatred and violence towards Israel and the Jewish community. She also wrote that the boycott is prohibited under French law. …

“Israel Apartheid week events are scheduled for Paris, Rennes, Toulouse, Montpellier, Lyon, Saint Étienne, Lille, Marseille and Grenoble as part of a world-wide initiative in more than 200 cities and universities that critics say seeks to deligitimize the State of Israel.

“According to its French website, the events in France will mark 100 years of colonization by Israel and 100 years of popular struggle for justice by Palestinians, counting from the Balfour Declaration of 1917.”

My Comment: What this means is that they are apparently saying that: “The nation of Israel doesn’t exist, we don’t recognize it, we don’t recognize this nation, let’s make it so that they will not exist once and for all.”

Even though the French have been severely harmed by the actions of Muslim terrorists lately, still their hatred toward the terrorists is less than their hatred toward Jews. They exchange one hatred for another, meaning that they blame the Jews for everything.

Moreover, they intentionally try not to pay attention to the problems with the terrorists, with the Muslims, but only see the Jews: “Why don’t they let the Muslims live as they want?” In the opinion of the French, the Jews must be thrown into the sea, the entire area must be cleansed, and then they will live comfortably and well. This is even though in other Muslim nations we don’t see any example of a good life, but specifically the French think like this.

Question: So, what is to be done with BDS? After all, this movement is becoming stronger.

Answer: It is necessary to see its purpose: It helps us Zionists to become stronger. I believe that negative pressure on the Jews, on Israel, on the people of Israel, on their existence, is useful.

Until we correct ourselves, we require very serious pressure and a push. This is necessary for us. If we are not pressured, we cannot live together with each other because since the days of ancient Babylon we have been representatives of the 70 nations of the world.

Who joined Abraham? It was representatives of all kinds of tribes that lived in ancient Babylon. Therefore, each one of the Jews belongs to a different tribe, a different people, from among those that existed then.

Those who had a point in the heart answered the call of Abraham, and therefore they organized a group; they gathered together all the points in the heart and began to be called Yehudim”(Jews), from the word “Yichud” (union), and Israel, Yashar-El, meaning straight to the Creator. But in fact, biologically they were absolutely different.

Question: So, what is to be expected in the future?

Answer: The future depends on us! But as long as we haven’t reached the right future, as long as people haven’t heard what the wisdom of Kabbalah says about the necessity of connection and unity above all contradictions, as Abraham did, the BDS organization is necessary.

Therefore, I am in favor of this pressure, and it comes from above, from the Creator, because “there is none else beside Him” (Deuteronomy 4:35). I hope that the pressure will continue until the people of Israel will wake up and understand that it is up to us to unite, and only in a manner like this can we bring ourselves and the whole world to balance, perfection and unity.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/8/17

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