Cut Down An Unfruitful Tree

laitman_571_08The Torah, Deuteronomy 20:20: However, a tree you know is not a food tree, you may destroy and cut down, and you shall build bulwarks against the city that makes war with you, until its submission.

An infertile tree is cut down when it is possible to advance in the spiritual development with its help. You should use the tree for the movement toward the right goal: either the fruits themselves or at least something that you achieve with its help.

We have different types of desires. There are desires that we can transform into useful actions, and there are auxiliary desires. This is what we are talking about. It turns out that the desire itself isn’t at fault. It simply is this way according to its nature, and later it will turn into a fruitful tree.

All 613 desires of a person are located in the ten levels, what are called the ten Sefirot. Among them there are desires that can be easily managed in order to achieve the goal, and there are the passive ones that are impossible to control. They can be used only for the defensive purposes and for the advancing actions.

All this is sorted inside a person. He perfectly understands his spiritual states and the forces that determine these states.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 9/21/16

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