You Cannot Feel Sweetness Without Bitterness

laitman_627_2Question: I sometimes think that it might be better not to know about the wisdom of Kabbalah, but there is no way I can forget. Why are we given such states that are so bitter?

Answer: So you will decide each time and determine again and again whether you need the wisdom of Kabbalah or not. You may feel that you don’t need it, and then you could live your life peacefully. Then we will meet again some other time.

A person needs to check himself again and again, many times during his lifetime. The wisdom of Kabbalah only offers itself, but you have to pay with your efforts, with your serious exertion, so that a sensor of the upper world will be created in you.

The main efforts are in establishing a group through which you will be able to summon the Surrounding Light unto yourself in which you will begin to feel the Creator. You will actually discover the whole creation in the connection between you and others.

Question: Do I have to feel that I will not be able to hold on by myself?

Answer: Not by yourself, only with others. Then you and the others become one whole, which is called a soul or a man (Adam) who is filled with the Creator. This is what you should reach, and it is yours, eternal and whole.

Question: So how can I avoid the bitterness or is it an inevitable phase?

Answer: You must feel bitterness along the spiritual way, otherwise you will not feel the sweetness.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/20/16

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