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US future unless Jews correct it: egoistic social development-Liberalism- Anti-semitism -Nazism-destroying the Jews.


Ramak, 1559: By creating their own state, the Jews prompt the nations to destroy it. But they won’t, since this is their redemption.

The Zohar (Beresheet 119): “I will gather all nations in the war against Jerusalem,” to compel the Jews to teach peace to the world.

Vandalism in Jewish cemeteries will be followed by raids and then killings of the Jews, as in Nazi Germany. And the world will support it.

The economy by itself isn’t a goal, but a means to reach the purpose of creation: unity of mankind. Otherwise, it will destroy itself.

Law of nature: Anti-semitism is inevitable in any developed egoistic society, unless it’s corrected by the force of “love thy neighbor.”

Jews have the method to unite all nations – Kabbalah – which the world’s salvation depends on. This is what draws attention to Jews.

Declining profits, rising unemployment, uncertainty – led to Brexit & Trump’s election. The solution: educating society towards unity.
From Twitter, 2/28/17

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