My Thoughts On Twitter, 2/26/17


Without a struggle with its opposite, any phenomenon becomes cancerous, and thus kills others and itself.

In nature, development is based on constant conflict between opposites. And this also applies to liberals and conservatives.

The struggle between the old and the new: Trump’s opponents cast spells on him. Quite typical for opponents of the new world.

Self-governance of society is possible if it has 2 forces: rejection & attraction. We’re only governed by one: egoism with no free will.

By working to unite despite the rejection, we invoke a force of attraction above the rejection within us, and “Love covers all sins.”

Reminiscent of the Soviet dictatorship and Nazism – Leftists and liberals prove they support freedom of speech only on paper.

Besides the human level, at all levels of nature – still, vegetative, animate – life is sustained by the interaction of opposite forces.

I was pleased to see my opponents at the World Kabbalah Convention. In a healthy organism, opposites are needed to create balance!

Most American Jews are against Trump since they evaluate everything based on personal gain, not the benefit of their people or Israel.
From Twitter, 2/26/17

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