Midrash Raba And The Torah

Laitman_137Question: There are many quotes from the Midrash Raba in the book The Secrets of the Eternal Book. What is this book?

Answer: The Midrash Raba was written before the people of Israel received the Torah and it describes the events that are mentioned in the Torah. Because the Torah tells us about the time of the correction after the exodus from Egypt, the question is how those who have not entered Egypt yet could have known about it. The answer is that they knew and studied it, but they could not yet process those actions internally.

Question: The Midrash Raba describes how the force called Abraham was born, and it is not mentioned anywhere in the Torah.

Answer: The Torah speaks about the actions we undergo. Everything else is secondary, felt beyond the actions that are projected on us, implicit in the sounds and in the letters they are written in. The text of the Torah includes everything, not openly, but as the subtle internal meaning of the text.

There is, in fact, no thought or action in human history, from the worst to the best, which is not included in the Torah. Everything in the Torah must be fulfilled at least once in our world.

Question: Does this mean that you don’t negate the historical fact that Abraham actually existed?

Answer: No, but by studying the Torah, we begin to understand what this condition is, when Abraham was born in our world, and suddenly a man appears. Who are we? Are we actually living here, or is it some sort of modulation of forces that depicts such figures? Why do we need that if we can translate everything in communication on a different level in the form of force fields or information?

The Torah is a manual for people who receive the right and the left lines, which means the forces that help them form the soul and act clearly in trying to resemble the Creator. In that case, they receive it openly.

Therefore, in the corporeal world, Moses was born, who taught people, divided them into groups of tens, hundreds, and thousands. He had students who assisted him, and they had more, and so on. The entire group that came of out of Babylon began to form itself according to the spiritual level, which was later called the nation of Israel.

All of the intentions of this group were not simply aimed at the Creator. They were aimed at resembling and being equivalent to Him. In other words, all of a person’s actions and desires in every situation in life are aimed only at getting closer to the Creator, to being more loving and bestowing.

At the same time, a person rises above all of the problems, fears, worries, and failures, above everything the Creator brings along the way on purpose in order to shape him, because the spiritual shaping is fulfilled only from the oppositeness, from the corporeal and the negative.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/4/16

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