Ynet: “How Do We Change The Next UN Resolution?”

From my weekly column in Ynet: “How Do We Change the Next UN Resolution?”

Chanukah symbolizes the victory of the few over the many; the victory of the Maccabees’ choice of the force of unity over the forces of separation. According to the wisdom of Kabbalah we can change the balance of power for the better only if we unite, so we could prevent the UN from voting against us. Just before the next anti-Israeli resolution comes up, Rav Laitman explains how we succeeded in the past and how we can succeed today.

If the UN Security Council had to vote on the establishment of the State of Israel today, chances are that most of members in the UN would vote against it and some countries would abstain. It is time we acknowledge that the Jewish State does not have many true friends among the 193 members of the UN


It is true that Barak Obama, the American president, is the one who initiated, led, and cooked up the last scandalous anti-Israeli resolution, choosing to end his administration this way. Even Britain, headed by the pro-Israeli Theresa May voted against Israel, just like Russia headed by Putin, Israel’s “friend”; every country according to considerations of expediency, as it is in politics. But Obama’s “revenge” is only a symptom. The problem is much greater.

If we put interests aside, we will discover that there is no state or nation today which truly supports Israel. Somehow, sooner or later, they condemn us. In some countries they actually hate us and in most countries they would simply be happy if we disappeared from the globe. This has been the attitude toward the state of Israel since the days of Ben Gurion and Golda Meir. You cannot connect it to the ongoing conflict with our cousins the Arabs since many nations like them even less than they like us. Could it be that the hatred stems from our geographical location? But we are also rejected abroad… and as for Israel, the hatred raged even before we settled here. The culprits may change each time, but the phenomenon remains.

When we face such significant moments in which the waves of hatred are growing threatening to wash us away, we should stop for a moment and try to understand why we are so hated and unworthy in the eyes of the world. Is there a root to the deep hatred that the other nations have been feeling toward us since the dawn of humanity?

The Law of Anti-Semitism

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, anti-Semitism, or anti-Israelism in its modern name, is not a passing phenomenon but a law of nature that can be measured. When we unite above our conflicts and disagreements, the positive force that can do wonders spreads in the world. On the other hand, when we are separated and divided, we invoke the negative force in the world, which boomerangs and hits us with a burst of anti-Semitism.

The irrational hatred that is gaining strength today reminds us the hard way that we have a role, and although we would be glad to avoid it, it is impossible. Even if we assimilate or blur our Israeli identity, we will forever remain Jews. We are the nation that carries the idea, the social ideal of love of man, the nation, and of the world. We became a nation on the basis of love of others that is expressed in the rule “love thy friend as thyself.” Only if we return to fulfill this love can we defuse the hatred the world feels toward us. Kabbalists tell us that we, the Jews, determine the fate of the world. The Book of Zohar says that just as the organs of the body cannot exist even for a moment without the heart, the nations of the world cannot exist in the world without Israel.

By uniting, we compel the world to unite and great abundance begins to flow. However, the division between us divides the other nations of the world and clogs the pipes of the abundance and invokes wars and hatred in humanity. The direct and the indirect outcome of this process pushes the nations of the world to harm the spiritual root called Israel and to try to annihilate us, since we are perceived as the root of all the evil in the world.

Baal HaSulam, Rav Yehuda Ashlag, the greatest Kabbalists of the 20th century, said that the nation of Israel is a kind of a transmitter and to the extent that Israel are united, they can convey their power to the other nations of the world. He says that “we are the sons of the ideal” and only when we fulfill it and unite will we find peace.

Nowhere to Run

The UN Security Council resolution takes us back decades. It is enough to look around and see how countries, which just yesterday were considered to be stable, are crumbling and being destroyed. If international pressure is put on the State of Israel for a long time, it may make our life very difficult and take us back to the time when whole communities in enlightened Europe were destroyed. Although it seems that the Jewish nation has a stable home in the land of Israel, its success and its existence depend on the fulfillment of our role, as Baal HaSulam said, to build a model society in Israel based on the principles of connection and to convey this method to the world, since otherwise the whole Zionist movement will be disintegrated.

The cry of Baal HaSulam, who warned people of the anti-Semitic events of the past century and who knew the laws of nature that operate in reality, still echoes today and is more relevant today than ever. The UN Security Council resolution 2334 should be a reminder of our role: to unite and to be Light unto the nations of the world—to set a good example of a corrected society in which everyone lives in brotherly love above all differences.

Even the vain attempts to find shelter in the shade of the new administration headed by President-elect Donald
Trump and to expect him to save us will not rid us of our duty. We may feel short-term relief regarding our security, but eventually we will once again advance toward our fatal choice, just as we did when we first became a nation at the gathering before Mt. Sinai.

Then, at the foot of the mountain, we managed to overcome the mountain of hatred and connected as one man in one heart. If we connect as one bundle today, we will be able to harness the hatred the world feels toward to our favor. As long as we continue to treat each other cruelly, the world will be cruel to us. So as it says in our sources: “the main thing that protects Israel from calamity is love and unity, and when there is love and unity and friendship among the people of Israel, no calamity can harm them.” (“Maor VaShemesh“)
Ynet 12/27/16

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