Why Do We Light Hanukkah Candles?

Laitman_631_2Question: Why do we light Hanukkah candles?

Answer: Hanukkah represents the state of a person that reaches correction and ascent above egoistic material life, and he becomes like a candle that shines in this world. In other words, the candle symbolizes the spiritual condition of a person, and a person is like a candle.

Oil from which the candle burns symbolizes our egoism, and if we use it correctly, it gives us light while burning. The candle’s wick symbolizes rising above the ego, when we ignore egoism, but use it in the opposite way.

The wick dipped in oil, gradually absorbs it, and thanks to the wick (the resistance to egoism), the oil gives light while burning. Egoism is a great force and the lamp symbolizes a correct use of it.
From KabTV Program “News with Michael Laitman” 12.19.2016

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