Trump And The Jews

Laitman_408Comment: A few weeks have gone by since the victory of Donald Trump in the presidential race. Everyone has already gotten used to it and cooled down. Only the Jews still continue to attack him, claiming that he is like Hitler, that at any moment he will institute anti-Semitic policies and will expel them from the United States.

Answer: They will have “earned” this on their own.

Question: But didn’t 80% of them vote against Trump?

Answer: They did, they chose. Everything is explained very simply. It is possible to say that what has been happening in the past 30 to 40 years in the United States was done by the Jews. They are fully engaged in the neoliberal economy, the dollar transformed into merely “blank green paper,” and they walk hand-in-hand with those who increased the American national debt.

Question: Does that mean that they destroyed the middle class?

Answer: They even had a part in that believing it was possible to continue like this, and this led to the people, the middle class no longer being able to sustain themselves. Still, it is good that the Americans had a relatively unbribable electoral system, and despite the fact that votes were bought, it is still works.

So Trump is the spokesperson of the views of most of the army, the police, the middle class, a lot of people who have become disappointed about what the United States has become. And it has become a poor nation. Today, there is nothing left, no industry, not much else. It simply distributes empty green paper everywhere.

It is no secret that the government could have gone to the far left—Sanders, or the far right—Trump, which is what happened. Now the Jews need to understand what they caused. But in principle, this is better for them.

It always turns out that when the Jews abandon Israel and their identity, wanting to become the same as everyone else, to dissolve among everyone, as has happened in the last few decades in the United States, the anti-Semites rise to power. So even now they have brought them into power. I am very happy because the anti-Semites are helping the Zionists: the moment the wolves attack, the sheep immediately gather together. This is what had to happen.

I turned to the Jews in my lectures in the United States and saw how much they are directed against Israel, how much Israel is an empty place that means nothing to them. The United States has become the battleground for American Jews, where they intend to build the “Third Temple.” In fact, they have already built it.

I hope that Trump and his supporters who will replace Obama will be able to turn the United States and its attitude toward Israel in an entirely different direction, and that the new president will remove from the United States those millions of extremist Muslims that Obama moved there as illegal immigrants. We hope that this will come to the correct state and we will understand what kind of a dream we have been in for the past eight years!

I very much hope that Trump will understand what is next for the United States. It will be impossible for the United States to return to the industrial strength that it had. American laborers were famous for working with steel, metal, and machinery, and none of this exists anymore! It doesn’t make sense because everything is produced today by automated machinery that doesn’t require manpower.

Two hundred million people are poorer due to the transfer of manufacturing to China and other nations. It is impossible to bring industry back; work cannot be found for these people. It will never be possible to do anything about it. But it is possible to involve the unemployed in only one thing—they must be organized in a new system of work, which will be the creation of a new person. Not the creation of machines with all sorts of metals; that is a robot, and we are talking about the creation of man.

It is necessarily educational work on ourselves, which Trump should engage American society with so that every person will be involved for half a day in work on himself in special groups, circles, on television, in universities, and in schools.

It will be necessary to open obligatory people’s universities without which the person cannot be a full member of society. Everyone should have a student card and journal where all his activities and evaluations are recorded. Only in this manner will the people and the nation be brought to the new state, because this is what we lack and that is what we must be involved with.

Question: Do you suppose if Trump does this, he will become an example for the whole world and Europe will support it?

Answer: Certainly. It will be only thanks to this that the United States will be able to pull itself together, otherwise the entire nation will soon become one big Detroit.

Question: Will the attitude of the Jews toward Trump change?

Answer: They have no choice, they will adapt to everything.

Jews are at the center of the neo-liberal economy, which is fading in the world today. It must exhaust itself because it is just built on paper, it has no gold backing it. Jews must understand that all of this is disappearing! They will specifically be forced to begin to engage in their own interests.

Likewise, they will understand that they have only one promised land, not the United States but Israel. They must think about who they are, what they are, and draw their attention here [Israel]. They must not despise this country and its people, and therefore themselves, and through themselves they must awaken the respect of everyone else.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 11/21/16

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