Farewell To Fidel Castro

laitman_259_02Comment: Fidel Castro has passed away. A million people attended a rally in honor of his passing in Havana.

In his time, Fidel Castro liked to hold long meetings; he was able to inspire people. They don’t want to part with this romance because they see what is happening in America and Europe.

My Comment: The fact is that Cubans are not inclined to the American way of life, to cold, calculating business. Therefore, shooting in the air, dancing, carnivals, cigars, and all the rest are much more suitable for them. Of course, Fidel was very close to the people, but when I spoke with his daughter in Miami (she manages a radio station in Spanish), she was seriously opposed to her father and didn’t agree with him on many issues. So she ran away from Cuba to America and dedicated her life to an ideological fight with him.

Question: In your opinion, would it be possible to add the concept of unity or similarity with nature to communism?

Answer: With such people as the Cubans, maybe it is possible to achieve something, but I still don’t think anything good would come from it because they haven’t advanced to complete, terrible egoism yet.

People must understand that there is no other way. They must first reach the end of their egoistic development; they must realize that the ego has exhausted itself and that we cannot continue to work with it because it begins to separate us. Some rise to the top (the elite), and others sink to the bottom to complete poverty, and there is nothing between them. It turns out that 90% of the population at the bottom will be impoverished and 10% of the population at the top, excessively wealthy.

So what to do next? Both the excessively wealthy and the impoverished are at a standstill. You can’t give less to the poor because it would start food riots. There is also nothing you can give to the ones at the top, so how will the rich accumulate their billions under their mattresses? And most importantly, at the bottom there is no purchasing power. So how will those at the top be able to earn more?

Society is divided into two parts. There is nothing more for the elite to exploit and the lower strata only have the minimum to sustain themselves. We had to reach such a state in order to understand that egoism is what has brought us to this. The conclusion is very simple: we have to engage 90% of the global population with the “production” of a human and building a new society!

At the same time, people should receive adequate medical, social, and other support. Their training will be interspersed with sports, drawing, and other activities. The main thing is that they all will be busy from morning to evening:women, men, children, adults, and the elderly.

Egoistic development has completely exhausted itself. Egoism, that is eager to absorb the entire globe, has exhausted itself. Now we have to put things in order in our home and live in peace.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 11/30/16

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