“Dead” Money For Mars

laitman_746_01Comment: An immense amount of capital has accumulated that is actually outside the world economy; it exclusively performs the role of accumulation of wealth.  Experts have suggested using this wealth to establish a colony on Mars. They say: “Why invest where we are? Why not implement this someplace else, like on Mars, and make it a huge global project that will require substantial human resources.”

My Comment: That is, they are saying: “We have nowhere to go on Earth, we’ve messed up everything here so it’s better not to continue. Let’s take on Mars. Let’s make a big project of a few trillion dollars, and invest all the dead capital in it.”

For what? It doesn’t matter. We will be in business. The only problem is—why?

I fundamentally disagree with this approach, which shows that people don’t know what humanity should be engaged with. Humanity must engage in self-correction, in self-transcendence.

We are on the level of the animal world. The next level we must ascend to is the level of the Adam (Man) from the word “Domeh” (similar), similar to the general higher integral force. We need to bring humanity to a state of general unity where all of us together will be one single system called Adam, and then we will begin to feel the next level of existence, the next step.

Now we are in the framework of the still, vegetative, and animate levels of nature, and in this sense we are animals. We have only the beginnings of the next level to which we must ascend, the level of Adam. We can reach this level only if we connect between us into one integral system and transform to become like the general nature of the world.

If we do this, we will begin to feel the next level, and then we will see the world in an absolutely different state: eternal, perfect, and not limited by the framework of our bodies. It will gradually disappear from our sensation, and we will feel that we exist only within the connection between us, which is called the soul. This is the state we must reach.

Question: Would you specifically invest all the sums of “dead” capital in this?

Answer: Absolutely everything! I would do everything so that humanity would provide itself with only what is most necessary and all other efforts would be directed to connection between us because that is how we begin to ascend to the next level called Adam.

Then, we would have no need to turn to planets like Mars. It won’t give us anything. We do not find life anywhere in the universe, not even primitive life. Therefore, there is nothing to rush to somewhere billions of light-years away; it would do nothing for humanity.

Qualifying for the next level, above the speed of light will not happen through the construction of physical engines because matter cannot move beyond the speed of light. We can move above it if we acquire the characteristic of bestowal, because it is built on the departure from ourselves; it operates with anti-matter, with the characteristic of bestowal instead of reception.

And then we will truly go not only beyond the solar system and space, but beyond the boundaries of the universe, to the next level of existence. There are completely different conditions, completely other levels there, and that is where we must develop.

By going out to the next level, we become detached from our bodies; it ceases to exist for us. We dwell in the power of bestowal only, in the connection between us—this is the future of humanity. And this is not fiction because such a condition was described thousands of years ago in the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Why do we need some kind of Mars? We can travel beyond time, above the speed of light, instantly at any point in space, adding all kinds of space, and opening up new worlds. Let’s begin this journey!
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 9/7/16

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