Connection Beyond Distance

Laitman_721_03Question: How can we develop a serious connection between us when great distances and different time zones separate us?

Answer: This is not a problem! Even if we are in different worlds: you are in this world and I am already in another world, it doesn’t matter, we can be connected with each other. Believe me, there are no limitations!

It also makes no difference where we are. I have wonderful students in Russia and America. I love my students from all the South American countries very much. I feel their advancement regardless of the geographic location.

Don’t think that the students who are near me are the most advanced, definitely not! They may be more advanced in certain mechanical actions, but lately the dissemination that the Moscow group and a few other Russian groups have been doing is far ahead of the central Israeli group. Currently the American groups are also overtaking the Israeli group and catching up with the Russian group.

Therefore, I don’t see any obstacles for my connection with you and all the groups between themselves. It depends only on you.

If there is at least some small physical contact through the media and Internet, we can always be connected. And then we will move to such connection that exists in other planes that are a different type of waves. Then you will communicate directly with me, and we will be in contact with each other soul-to-soul, and no parallels and meridians will separate us from each other.

I promise you that! This is how I am connected to my teacher; otherwise, I wouldn’t receive from him what I do today. The Book of Zohar and many other sources tell us about such states.

At the moment we don’t feel the connection between us only because the concealment acts in us this way. In fact, we all are imbued by an infinite number of links! Let’s awaken them between us and you will see where you really are.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/8/16

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