“Bank-Oligarchic Dictatorship”

laitman_220In the News: (Fondsk): “Unconditional basic income, or bank-oligarchic dictatorship abbreviated AML ( ‘unconditional basic income’) is now in vogue among those who study and describe the emerging trends in social policy. AML can be defined as a guaranteed monetary income for every citizen, the receipt of which is not dependent on any preconditions. The only condition is that the person belongs to a particular state jurisdiction. At the same time, the amount of money received by a citizen, must provide him at least a minimum standard of living. In other words, the AML is to release a person from being a ‘slave’, depending on work as the source of his existence. …

“If we sum up the expectations ascribed to AML, they can be summarized as follows:

  • Poverty reduction and mitigation of social and property polarization;
  • Mitigation of the possible negative consequences of scientific and technological progress, which in the coming decades can dramatically reduce the needs of the economy for labor and significantly increase the scale of unemployment;
  • Reducing the ‘slave’ according to a person to work as a source of its existence, and at the same time creating conditions that could help a person to devote himself to his favorite occupation;
  • Reducing the burden on the state, which has to deal with the distribution of social assistance today. …

“Therefore, skeptics say that the AML system can trigger an increase in poverty. From the introduction of AML only those who are at the bottom will benefit . There will be a leveling effect of poverty at a total absolute and relative increase in the number of poor in the society.

“Other skeptics emphasize that economic growth would slow down or even recession begins. People prefer an idle life, reserve of army labor will be reduced and may even result in a shortage of workers. And to overcome this deficit will require higher wages in the economy. Simply put, the economic development will be complicated for the reason that the money from production will be reallocated in the sphere of consumption, violating the established proportions of the economy.

“There is another large group of skeptics who fear that the introduction of AML will stimulate immigration of large masses of people to the countries with the AML system. …

“The elimination of social programs and a sharp reduction of the state apparatus and officials who serve, would provide the lion’s share of the money needed for AML payments. …

“I will assume that the interest of Western society in programs of ‘unconditional basic income’ (AML), are warmed by the global oligarchy. This is part of the overall project of transition to a new world order. The model of capitalism today, for many reasons, has exhausted itself, and the world oligarchy … is launching its global ‘restructuring’. Namely: to build a new slave system, clean up the planet of the ‘surplus’ population and form of a ‘new man.’ …

“AML – is a continuation of the course of the global elite toward human decomposition. First, the owners of money cultivated greed and the desire to consume, and now the cult of idleness. Man is easily definitively transformed into an animal. AML is intended to speed up the process….

“In addition, AML is a means for the final dismantling of the state. … People are left alone with the giant corporations, which are gradually replacing the state. In fact, AML – is not absolute income. It is very dependent on the will and the decisions of the owners of money, which is enough to hold their Kabbalistic manipulations with the money, so they became worthless.”

My Comment: Where did they get “Kabbalistic manipulations”? From a global conspiracy?

The fears will become true if the unconditional income would be given without implementing it hand-in-hand with integral education, warns the wisdom of Kabbalah.

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