“Cellular Communication Processes That Make Life Possible”

laitman_426Research (Oregon State University): “Researchers have discovered a mechanism of intercellular communication that helps explain how biological systems and actions – ranging from a beating heart to the ability to hit a home run – function properly most of the time, and in some scenarios quite remarkably.

“The findings are an important basic advance in how cell sensory systems function. They shed light on the poorly-understood interaction between cells – and they also suggest that some of the damage done by cancer cells can be seen as a ‘failure to communicate.’ …

“By working in communication and collaboration, most of the cells eventually decide what the correct sensory input is, and the signal that gets passed along is pretty accurate. …

“‘These processes of collective sensory communication are usually accurate, but sometimes work better than others. Mistakes are made,’ Sun said. ‘Even so, this process makes life possible.’”

My Comment: The proper interaction between all parts of nature is life. But it doesn’t exist on the level of human interaction. Therefore, in the overall picture of nature, we are no more than animals; we do not have the correct mutual communication of the human level. When we acquire it, through the wisdom of Kabbalah, we will discover life on the level of Man (Adam).

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