American Jews Are In Favor Of Immigrants

Laitman_421_01In the News (Israel Today): 184 Jewish communities and synagogues in the United States have signed a letter for the protection of the immigrants from the Middle East and Africa seeking refuge on American soil, which promised to provide assistance to these people. …

“These representatives of American Jewry are ready to provide refugees with its services in education, legal protection and financial assistance.

“‘American Jews react to this greatest immigrant crisis in history, as if the victims were our countrymen’ – quotes words of the Vice-President of HIAS Jenny Rosen in the website of the newspaper The Jerusalem Post.”

My Comment: I have no objection to helping other peoples if the right basis for this exists. But, after all, you cannot provide a place next to you for a person who will rape your daughters, murder your parents tomorrow, and hang you. There already have been incidents like these, and we see where it leads.

Question: In principle, do you think that could be?

Answer: I am sure of it if we judge this according to the development of egoism in humanity, and Jews are not providing an example of the correct connection between people, are not restoring the integral system called Adam, and are causing an opposite result through this type of action.

This has happened before. There is nothing new or unexpected here. At one time, Jews were helping young Hitler. There is a lot of documentation on this subject. So history repeats itself.

I believe that the current state of society clearly shows any person, and humanity as a whole, that we have no idea about what is happening to us.

So, we cannot resolve, especially in advance, and in particular issues such as a solution to immigration, as long as it is not clear where we are going, where the world is heading, what we want from life, what will happen over time to the entering community and to those Jewish or Christian communities that accept them. We don’t know what their natural tendencies are and how they will coexist.

If this were sorted out, we would realize the first thing to be done is precise work on correctly understanding what it means to be a society: it must be connected to the manner in which people can get closer to each other despite different religions and currents.

Then, they wouldn’t just open their gates to the immigrants. Rather, first and foremost, they would move them through a very serious educational system to adapt them to the conditions provided to them. However, today, they simply are granting the immigrants aid and the ability to exist as they like.

In this case, Islam will develop in its most distorted form because the Islamic preachers are on the alert and do their best to establish militant Islamic centers in these nations. First, they will behave quietly until they become established. Then, after at least one generation, the “game” will be conducted on a serious level on all fronts.

The goal of Islam is to conquer the entire world. It is written on its flag: “There is no god but Allah, Mohammed—his prophet.”

Question: What is the goal of the Jews?

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah explains that we, the Jews, must reveal the method for connecting people. It is up to us to reveal this to the entire world that needs it so much.

But Jews don’t know this, so the method of connection and unity safely remains on hold, as it has been. When will it be revealed? This depends on many factors. When Jews begin to become interested in the reason that others are preparing to strike them, they may become interested and start exploring this: “What are we guilty of?” Then, they will find the answer with the Kabbalists. In the meantime, this question remains rhetorical.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 9/14/16

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