The Shattering Of The Tablets

laitman_740_03Torah, Deuteronomy 9:15 – 9:17: So I turned and came down from the mountain, and the mountain was burning with fire, and the two tablets of the covenant were on my two hands. And I saw, and behold, you had sinned against the Lord, your God; you had made yourselves a molten calf; you had deviated quickly from the way which the Lord had commanded you. So I grasped the two tablets, cast them out of my two hands, and shattered them before your eyes.

This happened to Moses during the revelation of egoism that people brought from Egypt, meaning from their previous state. In this state, the quality of bestowal that we receive in the tablets of the covenant isn’t manifested strongly enough to defeat the golden calf.

Here, it is necessary to rise by faith above reason. This is a special action that cannot be done the first time. As the sin of Adam can’t be corrected without the revelation of evil, so also without revelation of the golden calf, it is impossible to come to its correction. However, it must be revealed, that is, clearly displayed in front of everyone when everyone worships it.

Here, Moses is powerless. He shatters the tablets of the covenant. It means that there isn’t any possibility of correction in all of the egoistic calculations.

Torah, Deuteronomy 9:18 – 9:19: And I fell down before the Lord as before, forty days and forty nights; I neither ate bread nor drank water, because of all your sins you had committed, by doing evil in the eyes of the Lord to anger Him. For I was frightened of the wrath and the fury that the Lord was angry…

The shattering of the tablets of the covenant happened on the ninth of Av. After the golden calf is melted into the holy vessels in which the Creator will be revealed between people, Moses climbs the mountain again to obtain other tablets and comes down.

And then, on the special holy day called Yom Kippur, the path of correction and revival begins.

Question: Does the phrase, “And I fell down,” represent the prayer of Moses?

Answer: Yes, a person must go through these states. He must reveal all of the insignificance of his nature and all of the greatness of the force of the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/4/16

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