Racial Problems Exacerbated During Obama’s Tenure

Laitman_407_01In the News (inosmi.ru): “Racism, as emphasized in many articles and books — is the original US sin. This is the original sin, which has evolved over several centuries, first in the form of slavery, then in the form of segregation laws, and later as a socio-economic differences, that has created class differences.

“Many had hoped that after Barack Obama, himself half-Kenyan, became president, race relations would be better. In spite of that, he proclaimed in 2004 that ‘There is no black America and white America, rather there is only the United States and Americans.’ Instead, more and more people think that the relationship between the population groups are getting worse. In 2008, 30% of Americans said that the relationship between black and white Americans are bad or very bad, according to an opinion poll conducted by Gallup. The latest poll conducted in June of this year [2016], says that figure rose to 53%. … Black Americans see that they are still treated differently, in particular by the police….. He will be remembered as the first African-American US President and that the differences between blacks and whites during his presidency became deeper.”

My Comment: I see two reasons for the problem having become more severe. One is the growing egoism, which is not just growing but is becoming integral. So it has become impossible to neutralize it with the help of regular education, but only through integral education. This is also the second reason. The world has become integral so it is necessary to show all different people that only connection and unity in a circle can correct all the defects of society. We must teach people to solve all issues specifically in the form of a circle because in this case, they will resolve it through the upper force that is found in unity.

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