Freedom Of Choice On The Way To Spiritual Ascent

laitman_750_03The chapter “Eikev” (Following) tells how to enter the land of Israel and what will happen if the laws of the Torah that were given to the people by the Creator are observed.

After all, the system is uniform: One, you obey its laws and therefore receive through it upper correcting Light, abundance, fulfillment, and revelation, or if you incorrectly awaken it on yourself, it generates in you darkness, all sorts of negative feelings that nevertheless lead you to the same place through an alternative way of development. But in this case you make a circle, and this circle is very unpleasant.

Question: Is this a long time of preparation?

Answer: Yes. But in every point of the spiritual path from egoism, called “Egypt” to the complete system of bestowal and love, called “the land of Israel,” there is an opportunity to move straight or to make a circle and return to the starting point basically just in order to realize that you were going incorrectly, that you were driven by egoism and not a desire for the spiritual ascent, and eventually to make this ascent.

Comment: Anyway, “there is no one else besides Him.” On the one hand, you do this circle; on the other hand, you are not the one who decides this…

Answer: No, freewill is given to us from above. The entire creation would be lost otherwise. Without freewill we would have become little insects that are fully controlled from above and there would be no purpose and no meaning in the creation, in the creatures, in man, and in the Creator Himself, because the Creator is revealed only in relation to the creatures.

The entire path we go through is designed to assemble our efforts of freewill into one single unit, and when we approach the final result, each one with his own effort, with the fact that we analyze, choose, sort, and test, we create from ourselves a system called “man.”

Otherwise, if absolutely everything is fixated on the Creator and there is no freewill whatsoever, there is no point in the creation.

The fact that we will come to the final state doesn’t deny our constant freedom of choice.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 4/27/16

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