Desire Stems From The Creator

laitman_566_02A letter I received: “I have been listening to your lectures for quite a while, and I am impressed by your dedication.

“You are a wise and intelligent man who has seen a lot in life and who operates in order to attain the uppermost goal of creation, but I wonder what will happen if what you aspire for will not be revealed at the end. Where do you find the energy to believe in what you do?

“After all, it is an impossible mission, even with all of your great will when many have no patience or desire to reveal the Creator and live with Him forever and to make the world a perfect place. You seem to be the only person on this planet who can be a guarantor for all those who advance toward the Creator.

“I hope that, thanks to all of your efforts for the right to exist in the universe, you will be able to hear the Creator’s voice and receive His specific instructions for life not on this planet, but somewhere else.”

My Comment: There is no question in this letter, but I am publicizing it in order to say one thing only: Desire stems from the Creator, so I only thank Him for that.

In fact, you must pay for such a desire from the Creator, for the desire to reveal Him to the world and bring the world to Him, by your attitude to the Creator. This is what I am trying to do through my actions. Our pleasure stems from the Creator’s greatness in contrast to our shame, pride, and our feelings of worthlessness.

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  1. What is shame? How is it working?

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