620 Desires

laitman_549_02Question: Can I get a list of all the 620 desires?

Answer: I do not know how to list them because a person who has not attained spirituality will not understand anything.

For example I can say, “Netzah which is in Hod or in Tifferet, and from it the third part from Bina,” etc. What will you be able to understand from this? How do these desires form a certain pleasure within you?

We cannot define this with our material terms. For example, there are about 800 kinds of fear and depression in Psychology. They are not given names, but only have notations of the homeopathic remedies that can neutralize them.

The same happens here. A person who is able to sense spiritual desires can express them only through the language of Sefirot. At the same time only those who already exist within Sefirot are able to perceive them.
KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book,” 4/27/16

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