Peace Between Israel And Turkey

Laitman_417Question: What is your attitude regarding the reestablishment of a full peace agreement with Turkey?

Answer: I can judge only in relation to global changes. And here we are talking about a local change. They quarreled a bit, made peace, and don’t know who gains and who loses.

Everyone understands that agreements are signed only for that moment when they are beneficial to the two sides, otherwise they are violated.

Question: Are you in favor of the signing of peace agreements?

Answer: We have no possibility of reaching an agreement with the Arabs of the East, but only with the Arabs of the West (with Gaza) because they need help and restoration.

Question: What do you mean when you use the term “peace” (Shalom)?

Answer: By peace I mean “wholeness” (Shlemut). This is not the signing of a non-aggression agreement that at a given moment is beneficial to the two sides that is signed for a short time and is violated most of the time.

Wholeness is the yearning for connection into one single whole without borders, not just finding contact with each other.

We see that even in Europe this is not happening because there is no feeling of a single whole. They arranged banking and marketing links between them but didn’t simultaneously create a connection between the peoples.

Question: At what moment does wholeness begin?

Answer: Wholeness will begin only after a long-term process of re-education of the population about a mentality of approaching one another. And this is ongoing work.

Even a small nation like Israel remains divided to date, divided into the Jews of the East and West, those who left Europe, Russia, America, and Africa and the Arab nations.

If it is not possible to do anything with a small group of people who have experienced so much and are under the pressure of the whole world, what is it possible to say about Europe where the peoples have fought against each other for thousands of years and hate each other in every variation possible?!

Question: Is there a possibility of beginning the process of education among us in Israel?

Answer: This requires the willingness of the political system. But our politicians don’t think about this at all.

If they speak about connection, about friendship or about something else, they do this to express their political demands—how to act in order to be closer to power and directing.

Clearly this is a dead end regarding peace! There is nothing to do. In the meantime humanity listens and develops only in this way.

The decision regarding an educational process can be reached through the government, through the elite, only to the degree that people willingly will be compelled to listen and obey for the purpose of consolidating the people and creating special conditions for it.

But for this we need to fight against the media is required to ultimately reach the heart of the people. The people must understand that they only need unity because there are no other means for survival. This will gradually become increasingly tangible. Twenty years ago there was nothing like this.

Forty years ago I began to talk about this, but at that time who took me seriously? So it was necessary to remain silent so as not to sully the wisdom of Kabbalah since to a particular degree I was its representative.

Only twenty years ago did we gradually began to speak about unification. Today we can proclaim and announce to everyone that there is no other way out. And we even see that new materials and new opinions are appearing that are closer and closer to this approach. So I am optimistic.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 6/27/16

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