The New Life Of Old Dollars

laitman_228Comment: The US Federal Reserve has incorporated a new system to process dollar bills that have been taken out of circulation.

In the past, worn out dollar bills were sent to a dump, but a new recycling system has been developed lately thanks to which the bills are converted into soil. The product is sold to farmers and they raise trees, fruit, and vegetables in this soil.

Answer: It is a very good idea to make money into a fertilizer. This way there is at least some use for dollar bills.

Comment: Otherwise they are the embodiment of evil?

Answer: Money in itself isn’t evil. This is the natural equivalent of all our mental, physical, and moral efforts. You need to pay for everything, to weigh all or to barter products or services. It is like exchanging several gallons of milk for some machine or for a piece of meat or for a lecture.

This is the reason that money was invented as the general equivalent for products. In the past people used salt, sheep, or golden sand instead of money. But it wasn’t a clear equivalent and could not stand the test of time.

The Hebrew word for money “Kesef” stems from the root “Kissufim” or a screen, Masach, and it symbolizes the covering of our egoistic desires by a screen. Thus, we are ready to pay for the filling of our needs.

But when money becomes useless, we can use it on another level. Therefore, money descends from the level of the general equivalent to the level of the soil, so that something will at least grow from it.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 6/23/16

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