Kabbalists’ Experiments

laitman_276_01Question: In the natural sciences, experiments are carried out in order to understand nature. Do Kabbalists also carry out experiments on the upper nature?

Answer: Kabbalists have nothing but these experiments. But they happen every second because a Kabbalist is in constant communication with the effort of friends in the so-called Kabbalistic guild.

When one interacts with like-minded people, they have the possibility to vary their desires and strengths in certain combinations together. As a result, they have an infinite number of mutual combinations, and thus they affect the Upper Light.

All of this happens while studying the primary Kabbalistic sources when they are in contact with the Upper Light that affects them, moreover, while they themselves affect the Upper Light. One-to-one, everyone is affected by this.

Thus, there is a huge influx of information. But it isn’t difficult as it comes to the Kabbalist not in quantities, but in feelings. The Kabbalist swims in it as in music; all is absolutely harmonious; one grasps the very essence of harmony and therefore doesn’t get tired. On the contrary, one just develops from this, filling with supreme peace.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/28/16

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