Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 3/6/16

laitman_599_01Question: Can a woman advance in spirituality if she mainly watches the men’s group on the screen?

Answer: Of course. A man can also advance in spirituality if he only watches the men’s group on the screen. Everything depends on the desire, the assertiveness, the persistence, and the yearning.

Question: Is it possible to find the ideal husband with the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: It is not possible to find an ideal husband and there is no need to look for one either. The wisdom of Kabbalah cannot help here. The ideal partner for men and for women is the Creator.

Question: Do a husband and a wife draw further away from each other because their attributes change?

Answer: On the contrary, the different attributes enable a husband and a wife to get even closer to each other above all the differences.

Question: Has your wife attained the attribute of bestowal?

Answer: It is our private family secret.

Question: What is the spiritual root for a coupling of a man and a woman?

Answer: This phenomenon has no spiritual root. Similar actions that take place in the spiritual world are called coupling of beating, which we study when we study the spiritual Partzufim.

Question: I want to study the wisdom of Kabbalah but there are other things that interest me more, what should I do?

Answer: You have to find out what is more important for you in life.

Question: If a husband and a wife study together, watch the lessons together, read the sources together, and have workshops, do they need a group?

Answer: They will actually feel whether it is important to have a group or not. But they should both agree on it. If one of them still wants to be part of a group he or she has the right to do so.

Question: Can a father and daughter interact like a Kabbalistic group?

Answer: No.

Question: Is there such a thing as great love in the wisdom of Kabbalah? Not falling in love, but a great love between a man and a woman?

Answer: If you are referring to love between a man and woman in our world, it has nothing to do with the wisdom of Kabbalah! The wisdom of Kabbalah engages in the relationship between the souls, while in our world we engage in the relationship between physical bodies.

Question: Why do so many women who study the wisdom of Kabbalah find it difficult to find a husband?

Answer: Do other women find husbands? I think your question refers to general statistics. In our group, on the other hand, couples get married all the time and have children. Of course there are problems, but the rate of divorce compared to the world’s is scant.

Question: Does the wisdom of Kabbalah have a special approach to everyday life? How could it be that a Kabbalist has to somehow change his actions? For example, engage in his spiritual work for a couple of hours and spend the rest of the time living anyway he wants to and let everything work out by itself.

Answer: No one is forcing you to do anything differently. You can act this way! But then you will see that the wisdom of Kabbalah gradually fills your daily life. When you advance you will feel that you can also implement your spiritual work while you work, in your everyday life, and also when you communicate with others. Why not it if you can profit from it?
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/6/16

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