Unity, The Way To A Good Future

Unity, The Way To A Good FutureQuestion: In the course of the history of the Jewish people, we have gone through complicated situations: exodus to the land of Israel, establishing the nation, and maintaining relationships with the allies and enemies.  

How can we explain the fact that the world supported the establishment of the state of Israel at first, whereas now this support has ended, and the people of Israel are compelled to struggle all the time?

Answer: At first, the nations of the world hoped that the Jews would begin to carry out their historical mission, to be as it says in the Torah, “a light to the nations” (Isaiah 49:6), meaning that we would show an example of unification for all of humanity.

In the past, in ancient Babylon, the Jews began to carry out this mission under the leadership of Abraham, and today it is up to us to finish it. In the wisdom of Kabbalah it is said that specifically at this time, we are beginning the realization of the final state of humanity.

So, throughout history, it was up to us to advance gradually toward a state of unity. When we succeeded in this, it was good, secure, and comfortable for us. When we could not do this because of internal conflicts between us, we suffered a fall into terrible states, as in the example of the Holocaust.

Question: The great Kabbalist of the 13th century Nachmanides (RaMBaN) said that we were commanded by the Torah to govern in the land of Israel that the Creator gave to our ancestors, that we should not leave it in the possession of other people, and that we should not leave it entirely uncultivated within all of its borders, which the Creator swore to our ancestors, not leaving even part of it.

We know that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has become a bargaining chip in the world today. In this context, how would you interpret the statement, “and not leave it in the possession of other people?”

Answer: From the point of view of Kabbalah, I could say only one thing: If the Jewish people won’t begin to unite at least within Israel, not to mention the entire world, we will not succeed in holding our position in this land and will be expelled from here again. If we can unite above all of our contradictions, not only will we hold the land of Israel, but no one will claim ownership of it.

Moreover, the Palestinians will relate to us loyally and will begin to cooperate with us happily. Everything depends only on how much we connect among us. In fact, through the connection between us we will begin to manage the good forces that can be discovered in our world. We have no other way of attaining a better future.

The wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about the internal structure of the world and about the forces that act within it. This is the hidden and secret part of the Torah, which talks about what is concealed from ordinary people. A person who wants to attain the essence of existence can learn the wisdom of Kabbalah and understand that only unification opens the way to a good future for us.
From KabTV’s “Israeli Independence Day” 4/3/16

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