Birth Two Months After The Brain Death Of The Mother

laitman_565_01Question: An unprecedented medical case was recorded in Poland. A woman who had brain cancer died during the 17th week of her pregnancy. Her brain ceased to function, but her heart kept on beating.

The doctors did not dare perform a Caesarian section because they feared the embryo wouldn’t survive outside of the mother’s body. They decided to support the mother’s internal organs so that the heart would continue beating, and she remained alive. And the child was born.

The child’s father was by the mother’s side the entire time and read fairy tales to his unborn child.

Answer: This is a very touching story with a special attitude toward life. The father probably really wanted a child from this woman, and that affected the outcome because the developing embryo feels how his parents care for him and convey to him everything that they can. Such powers strongly influence the embryo’s development.

The doctors also acted in a very humane way because a fetus at 17 weeks of development in the womb is already considered a human, and therefore must be saved.

They used quite an unusual method to keep the mother’s body alive for the sake of the child, but we can assume that if they could have asked the mother, she would have agreed because the maternal instinct makes a mother do everything for the sake of her child.

I don’t know if she had consented to that, but judging by the father’s behavior, it seems that the doctors did the correct humane thing. Let’s hope that the child will be raised accordingly and will grow up to be a special, good-hearted person who will be a benefit to society.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 4/21/16

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