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Laitman_036Question: There is no true love in the relations between a man and a woman in our world. How do a man and a woman attain real perfect love in the spiritual world?

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah helps us tune in to the understanding of the relationships between men and women. But today, when the world is in such a mess, it is hard to speak about how the wisdom of Kabbalah can have an immediate effect on improving these relations.

If a person believes that the wisdom of Kabbalah immediately will help him buy a house, start a family, live a comfortable life, and turn his life into paradise, I don’t want him to have any false hopes.

Humanity needs to correct itself according to a certain process in order to attain that. In this respect, the fate of Kabbalists isn’t simple since it is the reflection of all of the problems in society. Although a wise, normal, healthy Kabbalist understands how he should manage his life correctly, he constantly encounters problems that he receives from all of humanity. Therefore, his life isn’t easy until all of humanity is corrected.

Question: What should a man and a woman yearn for in order to attain true love?

Answer: They must build a family that is based on accurate Kabbalistic principles, but this is relevant only for people who truly are dedicated to the spiritual path, who understand that they can focus their relationships within the family on the attainment of a spiritual goal.

If they can and are willing to do so and understand that their ego constantly will stand in their way in the family, everywhere, at absolutely every moment, I would give them my blessing since, if that’s so, they are going to discover a wonderful opportunity to enter quickly into the upper world, but they must work in order to attain that.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/17/16

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  1. If one is truly serious about this work then one should thoroughly think on the relationship decisions we make in our daily lives. I have never had a female companion who is serious about studying the Kabbalah but I can already feel the disparity I experience in my close with family and friends. I heard one friend talk about the contrast he experienced between the workplace and the convention, None of us would want to experience this between the study room and the rest of the house. I believe it is part of my self management decision making process to connect with a female who is as serious about studying the Kabbalah as I am. I believe this is part of “and you shall love your friend as yourself” Lev 19:18. This is the way to go, even if I meet my wife at 40.

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