New Life 701 – The Secret In The Scroll Of Esther

New Life 701 – The Secret In The Scroll Of Esther
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

The story begins with King Ahasuerus who symbolizes the king of the world, the Creator, and Queen Vashti who symbolizes the world that is not listening to Him. That is, a lack of connection is revealed between the Creator and the creatures, which they must correct. Queen Esther is humble and not arrogant, like Vashti. And the king wants to bring the world to identification with Him. Esther doesn’t reveal that she is a Jew because the people of Israel are hated. Everyone is arrogant and represents separation.

Bigthan and Teresh want to murder the king, meaning they want to bring a new control of the world. They stimulate Mordecai to take action, and in fact, the forces of Mordecai and Haman clarify why the world exists. After Mordecai saves him, the king specifically elevates Haman to stimulate Mordecai to demand something. The king seems to have been led by his advisors, yet he really is leading everything toward his goal.

Esther calls for the Jews to gather, fast, and pray, meaning to transcend the personal ego and connect, because the people of Israel are scattered among all the nations; i.e., they are immersed in foreign cultures and not in unity and connection. The threat of annihilation brings the people back to a clarification of who they are and what their role is in the world, which is serving as an example of love. So they kill their haters, meaning the evil that is in each one of them that opposes connection and love, and that is how they advance toward the purpose of creation in which the people of Israel lead all creatures toward love and connection with the Creator.
From KabTV’s “New Life 701 – The Secret In The Scroll Of Esther,” 3/10/16

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  1. How can King Ahasverus represent the Creator. He’s a hot arrogant mess just like Vashti. The only difference is, well, it’s good to be the King.

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