The Rescue Of The World – The Nation Of Israel

900Question: How should we relate to all the troubles we encounter?

Answer: We must understand that the reason for the problems is because we were not able to change them into good. All of the problems grow and are manifested in our world, in our senses, only because of our lack of correction, our inability to change the world to the good.

There are not enough people in this world who draw the Light that Reforms by the connection and unity between them and thus turn the evil into good. This is the reason that we are immersed in our nature at the moment, in our egoistic perception.

As it is written, “I have created the evil inclination.” Our world is initially evil. We are all evil, all egoists. Everyone thinks only about himself, and this is the opposite of the way it should be.

If we want to feel good, we must ascend above our nature and begin uniting and connecting. It is actually the wisdom of Kabbalah that performs this change in us. A person who studies the wisdom of Kabbalah is influenced by the Light, the upper force, that makes him better and connects him to others.

He begins to understand who he is and what he was created for, how to change himself in order to feel the upper force, the upper world. It is written, “May you see your world in your lifetime.”

A person develops his soul and begins to live in two worlds simultaneously: in our world and in the spiritual world. Now, he knows what he should do so that it will help him and everyone else.

Only the Jews, the nation of Israel, were given this ability. It is because this nation is the group that Abraham gathered in ancient Babylon that engaged in the correction of the world throughout history until the destruction of the Temple.

Now, too, the nation of Israel must perform this job and our stalling, our lack of knowledge, and lack of desire to know about our role in the world leads to the hatred that all of the other nations feel toward us.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 8/16/15

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