At The Borders Of The Promised Land

laitman_740_01Parshat Shelach speaks about what happens with a person before his entry into the land of Israel, meaning before ascent to the next spiritual level. Here, the example is given clearly of how it is necessary to go with faith above reason.

The next spiritual level that is revealed before a person is a wonderful world of a land flowing with milk and honey, but it is impossible to enter.

There was a time when the inhabitants of the Soviet Union dreamed about Communism, “This will be a good life! We can fulfill all of our wishes and needs, give vent to all our hopes, dreams, and desires!” But when they understood that  along with this comes equality, concern for others, and the necessity to work for everyone and feel happy about this, they immediately lost interest. Is this communistic happiness? Take it back!

So, when speaking about a land flowing with milk and honey, it is necessary to understand that this is not today’s milk and not today’s honey but completely different values for which I must create a desire and yearning within me.

They must specifically become the most important for me, and then I truly will enter into a state that will fulfill me like milk and honey.

Now, these values seem really terrible to me: to work for others, to be concerned for others, to think about them, and to be concerned for everyone. With this, I would fulfill my life?

Today, this seems like Hell to me! So, I need to change myself so that the new values will seem like the Garden of Eden to me, and then, for me, this land will become the Promised Land.

Question: Why are people against this? What is bad about living for others, thinking about them, and loving them?

Answer: There is nothing bad about this. Theoretically, this is basically a wonderful system, a wonderful state, but when it comes into actual practice, what happened in the Soviet regime, in the Kibbutzim and in other similar communities, is that nothing became concrete because our ego is against this.

It cannot even think about working for the sake of others. With us, the perception exists to fulfill myself, and if we think about others, this is only regarding how to satisfy ourselves through them.

The moment that a person begins to work on this, the romantic aspect ends immediately. The revolution devours its children.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 4/29/15

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