A Specific Replica Of The Creator In My Heart

laitman_960_2Question: What inside me resembles the Creator exactly?

Answer: The Creator gives us a very small desire. It isn’t even considered a replica of the Creator because our world is simply a fleeting shadow. It is just like being allowed to smell a bowl of soup instead of being able to eat the soup.

It is practically nothing, but still this is where we start.

The Creator only gives us the stimulus, the awakening towards Him and that’s all. Everything we receive later in addition to the initial stimulus comes from the group and the teacher. Without the group and the teacher a person has no chance of reaching any contact with the Creator and of fulfilling the connection with Him properly. The group is his spiritual vessel and the teacher is the upper level, and then there is the Creator.

The Creator only gives you the initial awakening: He brings a person to the right environment and says, “Take it!” But in order to take it we need to connect to the group, to the teachers, and to the books, and through them to the Creator. Before that we only have a point in the heart, a spark that the Creator awakens in us that forces us to search for Him.

Everything else in us belongs to the level of the animate and is not a replica of the Creator’s attributes but simply a developed desire to enjoy. A human being is only the point that yearns for the Creator. This is the point of the desire to enjoy that is connected to Bina, to the desire to bestow.

If there is no such connection between the desire to enjoy and the desire to bestow, if Malchut and Bina are not connected, the created being is not called a human being, Adam, who resembles the Creator. Such a connection can only be in phase four and actually not in all of phase four but only in its special part that is later clarified. Only the human level in our desire is designated to ascend towards the Creator.

Question: Why do we need the inanimate, vegetative, and the animate levels of nature in the first place?

Answer: The desire to enjoy has to develop through all these levels because otherwise it cannot be independent. On the first three levels there is the same desire to enjoy, but it operates itself according to the internal software embedded in it, while in phase four, the desire begins to ask “why do I have to operate this software?”

We need all the four phases for the desire to develop, since on the one hand, it has to totally disconnect from the Creator, and, on the other hand, it has to reach an equivalence of form with Him. Therefore, the Creator and the created being, which are the root phase and phase four, have to draw away from one another in all the other phases. An accurate calculation takes place on these levels as to which discernments are necessary for the created being in order to be opposite but at the same time similar to the Creator, in what exactly he is opposite from Him and in what way he is similar.

There must be an opposite part in the desire to enjoy that doesn’t change, but it has to be similar in his desire to bestow that is built above his desire to enjoy. These two forms exist in him simultaneously.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/6/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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