A Leap Across The Abyss

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe receive as much Light as we have Kelim, desires. That is why in this world we are very far from the true state. It is concealed from us by many veils and degrees, and without having many Kelim, means, and components, we would not be able to reveal the Light.

Creation is “existence from absence.” In other words, the only existing Creator wished to create someone outside of Him. This differentiating quality, something outside of Him, is called “creation.”

The Creator desires for creation to attain the fact that it is outside of Him, to overcome the gap between them, and to attain the state that annuls creation and the gap between them. Therefore, a person in this world must see himself as being exclusively in front of the Creator. There is none else besides Him. There is nothing outside of the Creator, not even the person himself.

Only in my perception and sensation was this illusion created that there is existence outside of the single Force, the Creator. Everything I can imagine was created deliberately so I would have something to grab onto, enabling me to get to the Single One from many Kelim.

Inside of this Single One there is no “me.” It is written, “The Creator is our God, the Creator is one.” Everything is included in Him. This is what man will have to attain. And that is how he will “leap” across the abyss lying between “existence from existence” and “existence from absence.” This is what we must reach.

Everything we have, including the great world, the spiritual worlds, the breaking, the Kelim, the friends, all the means, and the entire method are intended only in order for us to correct our perception of reality and recognize that besides the single Force, there is nothing, not even me.

My surroundings are formed in this way in order to help me attain that unity. I am always standing in front of the Creator, and there is nothing between us. That is how a person has to feel reality in his perception. Baal HaSulam writes about this in Shamati #67:

He who thinks that he is deceiving his friend, is really deceiving the Creator, since besides man’s body there is only the Creator. This is because it is the essence of creation that man is called “creature” only with respect to himself. The Creator wants man to feel that he is a separated reality from Him; but except for that, it is all “the whole earth is full of His glory.”

Hence, when lying to one’s friend, one is lying to the Creator; and when saddening one’s friend, one is saddening the Creator. For this reason, if one is accustomed to speak the truth, it will help him with respect to the Creator.

If a person advances toward revealing unity, then he sees everything as the means that helps him reveal the single Creator. It is written, “Stand up, the Creator, and Your enemies will disperse.” In other words, a person sees that all the disturbances don’t actually bother him, but they are Kelim, means. By uniting them into one whole, inside of them he reveals the Lights, until they all merge into one simple Light.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/10/11, Writings of Rabash

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  1. “existence from existence” and “existence from absence.” are exactly like infinity, and finite. Interestingly, infinite contains finite, both in word, and concept.

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