A Million Dollars For A Good Thought

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How is it really possible to reach recognition of evil, to express remorse, and repent in this world where it has become the norm to harm each other, disregard others, and deceive every day?

 Answer: Humanity developed for thousands of year in order to reach the recognition of evil in our time. All of nature around us is starting to “round off” and put pressure on us, forcing us to connect to one connected system, similar to the world of still, vegetative, and animate that is united in one symbiotic system, and people need to be connected with each other like that. This state is created now, the first time in all our history.

The Kabbalists pointed to the 20th Century as the time that humanity would start connecting. To this end, the wisdom of Kabbalah is revealed, the method of connection, unity, and correction. But the correction is not possible as long as the ruin is not revealed, and that’s why so many problems—hatred of each other, separation, parents and children unable to find a common language, people not getting married and establishing families or divorcing—are revealed in the world.

All these are signs of the time that Kabbalists described precisely like that many years ago. Evil, hatred, and separation is revealed and people are looking for every opportunity to retreat and hide in order to take a break from each other. But we need to understand that nature obliges us to unite, leaving us no choice. We are in the framework of the laws of nature. Just as you cannot go against the laws of physics, chemistry, biology, anatomy, there cannot be disregard for the internal laws of human behavior, that is, the soul.

The wisdom of Kabbalah tells about the laws of the soul: how to assemble it all together from the separated parts of the broken Adam HaRishon. We all must connect, but not in physical bodies, but in our inner desires in order to complete each other. When we unite and connect, one mutual general virtual creature comes out that is called Adam (Man). We all work for this virtual unity and make efforts to improve it, and then inside it we will feel the upper spiritual world.

Question: What can I do if I curse everyone on the road, argue with the cashier in the supermarket, insult people that are near me in my egoistic attitude?

Answer: Everyone behaves like that. The main thing is to understand that this is bad, that is, to reveal what benefit we would receive due to our unity, for example, a million dollars. For example: if a few people unite together and each of them would receive a prize of a million dollars, everyone would run to unite if they would see such a benefit from connection.

Imagine that ten people are sitting around a roundtable. Ten is the number required for a complete measure of connection. And if we succeed in connecting, then from above a sack with $10,000,000 falls on the table, one million for each.

Then I realize that my inability to connect with others is my evil nature, my enemy. I could have gained, but my ego did not let me connect. Only this recognition is lacking.

The wisdom of Kabbalah reveals a little of what is the upper world to us. How good it is, but the condition to enter it is that we scrutinize our main obstacle, our egoism, calling it the evil inclination. We are only lacking this recognition; otherwise, we don’t think that our egoism is bad. And this is whole purpose of repentance, which is customary to do in the month of Elul before the new year. Repentance is the revelation in me of the disturbances against good connection with everyone.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 8/30/15

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