The Contrast Between Light And Darkness

laitman_207Baal HaSulam, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar,” Item 67: When a person from Israel enhances and dignifies one’s internality, which is the Israel in that person, over the externality, which are the nations of the world in him, that is, when one dedicates the majority of one’s efforts to enhance and exalt one’s internality, to benefit one’s soul, and gives minor efforts, the mere necessity, to sustain the nations of the world in him, meaning the bodily needs, as it is written (Avot, 1), “Make your Torah permanent and your labor temporary,” by so doing, one makes the children of Israel soar upwards in the internality and externality of the world as well, and the nations of the world, which are the externality, to recognize and acknowledge the value of the Children of Israel.

If we attribute ourselves to the upper part, to GE, to the part of Israel in the nation of Israel, we have no obligation to turn to the public and to disseminate among those who belong to AHP until we ascend as high as we can by our connection and unity, until we reach actual mutual guarantee, until we receive the Light that Reforms by this unity, which will really connect us.

Then the illumination will flow from us to the AHP, since there will be a contrast in the general vessel: there will be more Light in its GE part while in its AHP part it will be the exact opposite. On the whole, the nations of the world will acknowledge the importance of the vessels of bestowal called Israel. Those who are the external part will be able to recognize the internal part and this will be the direct outcome of our internal correction.

Therefore, if we connect and unite, even those who are against, who have nothing to do with this work, also receive an illumination from it by which it becomes clear to them that we have the Light while they are in the dark.

“And if, God forbid, it is to the contrary, and an individual from Israel enhances and appreciates one’s externality, which is the nations of the world in him, more than the inner Israel in him, as it is written (Deuteronomy 28:43), ‘The stranger that is in the midst of thee shall mount up above thee higher and higher; and thou shalt come down lower and lower,’ meaning the externality in that person rises and soars, and you yourself, the internality, the Israel in you, plunges down? With these actions, one causes the externality of the world in general, the nations of the world, to soar ever higher and overcome Israel, degrading them to the ground, and the children of Israel, the internality in the world, to plunge deep down.”

The nations of the world grow stronger when the part of Israel doesn’t function properly in the vessel. Then the darkness becomes thick, the children of Israel fall from their level, and the externality in them overcomes the internality until the destructive forces totally smash and humiliate them…
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/28/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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