Working In The Field

Laitman_707The Torah, “Leviticus” 27:16, 27:19: And if a man consecrates some of the field of his inherited property to the Lord, the valuation shall according to its sowing: an area which requires a chomer of barley seeds at fifty silver shekels…But if he consecrates his field after the Jubilee, the Cohen shall calculate the money for him, according to the remaining years until the [next] Jubilee year, and it shall be deducted from the valuation.

A field refers to the area of the desires that we can use. The land itself symbolizes the lowest most primitive initial desires (the level of the still nature). But they can be turned into desires on the vegetative level by force, and the desires on the vegetative level can be raised to the animate level and from the animate level to the level of the speaking. This is the reason that a field is the basis, the foundation of our work.

The main thing we have to do is to see the field as an opportunity for attaining the highest spiritual level. This is the reason that the Torah speaks so much about buying and selling land, about occupying areas and about working in the field, terms which don’t refer to physical actions in the corporeal world but to raising the desires on zero level (the land) to desires on level one, two, three, and four, which means on the levels of the still, vegetative, animate, and speaking nature. This is working in the field.

There are, of course, weeds, trees that bear fruit, and trees that don’t bear fruit. There are fields where cattle and wild animals graze. This means that the land is the basis, the foundation of everything that exists: the basic desire from which a person develops everything else. In our world working the land is a natural action since the evolutionary forces push us to do so, while in the spiritual world a person begins everything from scratch, from zero, clarifying which desire awakens inside him each time and what he should do with it.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/10/14

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