From A Dark Point To The Light Of Love

laitman_276_01Comment: There is an entire discussion in The Book of Zohar as to which letter the creation of the world should begin with. Eventually it was decided that the first letter would be “Bet” (Bereshit, Genesis).

Answer: The first letter is very important since it determines the meaning of the whole act of creation.

In the article “The Letters of Rav Hamnuna Saba” in The Introduction to The Book of Zohar there is the description of the “struggle” over which letter should control the world to bring all egoism, all the attributes opposite to the Creator, to compatibility with Him.

The attributes have to be opposed to each other because it is only as a result of the conflict between the positive and negative forces that we can begin to study and reveal the Creator; it is impossible to do it any other way. It is impossible to discover any attribute, anything in the world, if we don’t have attributes that are opposite from the Creator.

But how could anything opposite to Him be created? For this purpose the constantly growing egoism was created, so that it could be compared to the positive force and in the contrast between them compare: the attribute of the created being and the attribute of the Creator, day and night.

A person has to feel alternately this and that, and then together; these properties are opposite to each other. During this comparison, he either lowers the Creator to the level of darkness or raises darkness to the level of the Creator.

This work helps the created being discover the Creator from the attribute that is opposite to Him, but not in contrast, one against the other, like in our world. A person ascends and dresses his ego with the Creator’s attributes making them into a form that is totally egoistic internally and opposite from the Creator while all His positive attributes are revealed externally.

Then the created being begins to attain the two opposite attributes through one action, in one thought, in one deed, at the same time. As he ascends from our world upward, he begins to build all the creation by himself.

This is why it is said that the righteous build worlds. It is as if the Creator has destroyed the world He created (which is indeed so), and they build it and recreate it just like a child who is given a toy that is totally disassembled in order to teach him to put it together.

Thus, a person gradually ascends to the Creator’s level , and thus becomes equivalent to the Creator. He passes all the emanations and acquires the Creator’s attribute in all his filling.

Question: When you speak about a person, do you refer to the united figure of all mankind?

Answer: Yes, it is all the people in the world; it is their corrected inner core that is connected into one unique correct state called Adam (a human being) that resembles the Creator.

Comment: The wisdom of Kabbalah is so deep and rich that one constantly thinks about how he can absorb it.

Answer: It is impossible to do it in any theoretical manner. The wisdom of Kabbalah isn’t an ordinary wisdom that can be learned from a distance; it isn’t a performance that can be acted and thus felt. We have to fully penetrate and be incorporated in this figure and that is the problem.

Here there is absolute adhesion with the levels of ascent and a person constantly changes his form from a dark point to an enlightened figure of complete love and bestowal.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/31/14

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