The Whole World Is On Our Shoulders

laitman_943Question: I would very much like to see the realization of that same unity of the people that you describe. But I see that we are still very far from such unity. Everywhere fights erupt on all levels: in the home, at work, in the government.

On the other hand, you said that my duty is to correct the world and bring everyone to unity, as if the whole world were on my shoulders. How can I work with the whole world?

Answer: Try to imagine that you can correct the world. This world is given to us for the same work that Abraham did in ancient Babylon.

He began to unite and connect people by explaining that the general rule, “And you shall love your friend as yourself” is the principal law. It is impossible to live in contradiction and opposition to this law; otherwise, we arouse and attract troubles and disasters upon ourselves.

A part of the people heard Abraham and left Babylon with him. They formed the people of Israel who lived many years according to these principles. We don’t understand the uniqueness of the Jewish people, but this uniqueness has been maintained until today only because this people lived according to the principle of bestowal and  love, unity.

For this reason the Jewish people are unique, and all of them agreed to this. Today we don’t live according to these principles, and in spite of all this, some kind of particle of this remains in us, which is received somewhere as a memory. And through this uniqueness of the people of Israel, we still receive benefit from our former unity.

There is no choice; today we are again approaching the same situation. Arrange life for the whole world and ourselves is possible only by bringing ourselves to resemblance and equivalence with nature. And nature is entirely integral and connected; all of its elements complement each other.

Modern science is discovering this integrality and mutual connection, and we must begin to approach it. For this we need to rise above our ego to general unity. We hope for success, quickly and soon.
From Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 2/8/15

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