In A Secret Cave In The Circle Of Friends

laitman_528_02Question: How do we fulfill our deficiency of reaching mutual help and true connection?

Answer: True connection refers to a person’s inner work and not just to gathering in one place for different events. We don’t have to go to the desert in order to connect, but we actually do it wherever we are. The work of connecting is concentrated in everyone’s heart and goes through all the hearts.

We have to feel mutual concern, a necessity and a need for one another. It is according to this yearning, according to the need for connection, that the Upper Light will influence us. And it will be necessary for us  because we will not succeed in our dissemination without it.

Everyone must participate in dissemination no matter what the outcomes are, as long as he is incorporated in people’s desires and feels committed to them. Everyone must bring these deficiencies into the group and then we will feel a great need to connect.

Question: How can we connect all these desires into one general prayer that can be accepted by the upper?

Answer: What’s important is not the desires of the public, which we feel, but the fact that we don’t have an answer to them. This unprocessed raw deficiency for something specific has to be brought to the group. Because we are all anxiously under the influence of this deficiency, it will force us to connect. This is the work in the heart, the insecurity that you feel after a dissemination action that will force you to look for the connection in society where you can find security, a filling, a safe place to hide, and get some rest from all your worries and your troubles. It is like being in a womb, like being in a secret cave, concealed from everyone. Where is this place in the group?

You discover that it exists! Your friends are connected there and there is room for you too. You will discover it like the vision of Rabbi Chiya who saw the meeting of the upper souls. You will also see your real self, sitting on the heavenly throne speaking with the friends. You will see this state as the absolute truth, because all the levels already exist in potential. Incorporate in the group, look for your place, and then like Rabbi Chiya you will discover that everything is easy and that you are sitting among the friends.

Question: Are there any clues that can help you find what you are looking for?

Answer: You are looking for the force of connection, for the vessel in which you can feel the Light, the filling. You lack the vessel, which is the connection with others when these deficiencies connect into one spiritual desire on an upper level, like all the still matter that equals one plant. We will be rewarded with the Light that is revealed. The Light connects us and we become a desire to receive on a higher level of quality. The upper force only expects the quantity and quality of our exertion, our measure.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/25/14, Talk about the Importance of Unity

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  1. This week I was at the Jewish library here in my community and I saw large poster introducing a lecture on the topic on relational Judaism and from my own birth religion of Christianity there are many continually speaking of not wanting religion but a relationship… it is plain to see that is the heart that was designed for connection with others.

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