The Thought Of Creation Through The Figures In The Torah

Dr. Michael LaitmanAdam HaRishon (First Man) is the structure of the only soul that was created and which has undergone great changes after the shattering. First, it existed in the state of Hafetz Hesed, and didn’t receive anything and didn’t want anything for itself.

This state is called the Garden of Eden (heaven) or an angel.

An angel is a force that has no ego at all. He performs all the work that is necessary for the general force of nature. It is said that an angel is part of the Creator.

He is managed by the upper force that operates and advances all of creation toward the goal, toward attaining the attribute of love and bestowal.

Question: Is there a Reshimo (reminiscence) of the state of Adam HaRishon in us?

Answer: There are Reshimot, spiritual genes, of all the states in us. It is because we have descended into our world from the spiritual level of absolute wholeness, and now we must ascend once again by ourselves using the Reshimot that were preserved in us, but we must do it consciously through drawing the upper force and correcting ourselves by it. This force is called the Torah, stemming from the Hebrew word, “Ohr” (Light).

We gradually accept the Upper Light because it arrives gradually, according to our ascent. The upper system of illumination formats and affects us, raises us, and corrects us by reintegrating everyone into one general structure that is the same general soul that was initially created.

This sums up the entire history of our descent from the top down and our ascent from the bottom up. The ascent from the bottom up began when the general soul called Adam was shattered and discovered that it was absolutely egoistic, and that it wasn’t ready for the contact with the Light, with the Creator. This is called Adam HaRishon’s sin and the expulsion from the Garden of Eden.

The Creator disappeared from people’s feelings, and they were left to roam the earth in the corporeal darkness. This is the reason that we all are totally shattered, separated, and distant from one another in this world.

Twenty generations of Kabbalists after Adam tried to correct this situation, but the first ten generations understood their problems and that they couldn’t do anything until Noah appeared. Noah was saved during the flood while most of the people died.

This wasn’t death and loss, but purification because there is no actual death. People who died symbolize the egoistic desires that we cannot use at a certain time.

This is the reason that they are considered dead. However, later, they come back to life in the correct form and, thus, seemingly appear in the next generations.

They are the same desires that underwent phases of purification through death in their earlier egoistic form and then come back to life in an altruistic form. Thus, the ten generations that followed Noah are already generations that are closer to Abraham, to the recognition of the right spiritual advancement.

The last level before Abraham was his father Terach. Terach is the feeling of the ego that we want to use and to enjoy, while Abraham is the recognition that this ego is evil, which means its opposite side.

Abraham and Terach are one single whole, but the part called Terach wants to work with the ego and the part called Abraham already understands that it is forbidden to work with the ego and that it means death.

This is why they break apart. Abraham changes his attitude toward life, toward the world called Terach and becomes Abraham, meaning the father of the nation in Hebrew. This means that he becomes the father of all the desires that eventually will be corrected.
From KabTV’s Secrets of the Eternal Book 6/18/14

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