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Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Sergey A. Karaganov, Russian political scientist, head of the Council for Foreign and Defense Policy): “Having won the Cold War, Europe is gradually losing the world. It is entering the next stage of international relations not united and weak, standing before confrontation or worse, a major war.

“A great slogan about the ‘universal European home’ brings about a sarcastic smile. Is there a chance not to lose the world?

“Europe is not the centre of the world. This is a political entity, which only a part of the global system, where everyone is interrelated and is subject to mutual influence. Given the current lack of confidence, the prospect of existence of a single space seems illusory. In addition, the political influence of the United States is aimed at deepening the split of the EU.

“The last 25 years were wasted. Without a new ideas and a great goal, which will unite the nations of Europe, there will be separation according to the old and new boundaries.”

My Comment: This is predetermined by the plan of nature (the Creator) to bring people to unity by the path of suffering or awareness of the necessity.

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