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laitman_944Question: Does the Purim holiday speak about the role of the people of Israel?

Answer: It speaks about an obligation of the people of Israel! The task can be different, but the obligation remains one: to unite and take all of humanity to a new spiritual level through unity.

Today, we are in a crisis that is similar to the same crisis that existed in ancient Babylon. The ego attracts us inward to a place that is very narrow, dark, and not understood; a place where we begin to devour each other. Humanity must rise above this state, and this ascent depends upon the people of Israel first and foremost. So, in our time, anti-Semitism has developed again because the nations of the world subconsciously feel that the people of Israel must do something, but are not carrying out their mission, and this causes harm to the world. It is precisely the separation between us that is the reason for anti-Semitism.

The moment that we begin to unite, a stream of Light will pass through us to all of humanity. People will understand what must be done, and anti-Semitism will disappear immediately. Even 2,500 years ago the prophets predicted that the nations of the world would lift the people of Israel on their shoulders and carry them to Jerusalem to build the third Beit Ha Mikdash (Temple). So, it is said that all of humanity will be drawn to the Creator, and all religions, faiths, peoples, nations, and races will unite into a single whole.

Question: What would you hope for the people of Israel and the Jews who live in other nations in the world?

Answer: First of all, I wish all the people of the world would understand the Purim holiday correctly and that with their pressure on the people of Israel they would take part in our general and common goal.

Also, I hope that the people of Israel would understand our universal role and understand and recognize the fact that the good of the world truly depends upon them. Everyone who is interested in knowing more can enter our Internet websites and archives, look at our books, read our Facebook pages, watch our Israeli television channel, and experience the live lessons of our education centers.

We must unite! Only in unity can we find a real solution to all of the problems! There is no problem that would not be solved through unity, and there is no problem that would be resolved through any other method.

Come, let’s transform this holiday into a reality where we truly solve this world’s problems between us, raising us to the next level of nature and redeeming us from all troubles. We will do this ourselves! We are doing this now together! Success for all of us!
From a Talk about Purim 2/18/15

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