The Special Force Of Holidays

laitman_744Question: Is there a special force that operates on us and affects us? Is there a special illumination that shines upon us?

Answer: A holiday is a special state in the world when the desire becomes similar to the Light in some way and the cooperation between the desire and the Light is called by a special name that matches the Kabbalistic Gematria (numerical value of the Torah). A holiday is typified by the accumulation of the previous levels up to a certain new qualitative level.

In our life, for example, psychology is a very meaningful field: child psychology, the psychology of the masses, social psychology, etc. In these frameworks we tend to picture ourselves in different situations and we feel them only because we want to feel them so much. But these are not spiritual states and have nothing to do with the holidays.

A person who is climbing the spiritual ladder, on the other hand, awakens unto himself and unto the nation a special wave of influence from that level, even if he hasn’t attained the level of the holiday, by the mere fact that he tries to rise to it by performing certain mechanical actions in our world together with the whole nation. This is possible only when they all yearn to attain it together.

During the holiday of Shavuot (Giving of the Torah), for example, we see the location of the planets, the moon, and the sun that match this spiritual action, which means that the upper force is also arranged in a certain way. If in addition to that, the whole nation yearns for it, it will receive a special illumination since the whole hierarchy of the system of creation is synchronized. But an ordinary person who knows nothing about the spiritual work and simply does what he has been taught doesn’t perceive this illumination and only has the psychological feeling of this holiday. However, people who yearn for the inner meaning of the holiday feel a certain illumination and therefore can perform additional corrections during this time.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 6/11/14

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