Social Engineering Is More Important Than Air Protection

Laitman_025_02In the News (from SvobodnayPressa): I saw a program about how humanity drastically changed in the 60’s as advanced technology forced many countries to develop computers in order to run the state.

With the growing affluence these states focused their energy on entrainment that led to the growth of a mass consumption society that kept the economic prosperity growing. Thus the developed countries began to produce more than was actually needed and eventually encountered a crisis in over production and in leisure time: there was a need to keep people occupied somehow.

The USSR collapsed since it didn’t manage to cope with people’s need to develop and to keep them occupied. The West found the answer in the form of entertainment and recreation (mass tourism, social networks, etc.) since a person has to be kept occupied by different experiences and impressions that alternate very quickly.

The ideas of the French writer Jules Verne about advanced technology didn’t come true: instead of settlements on Mars and free energy man received diet Coke and the Internet. Technology has developed in a new direction, in the direction of social relations. Not only didn’t we reach Mars, but perhaps we have never reached the moon either…

The West has learnt the importance of managing society. Computer technology and entertainment were integrated into social management technologies. Social technologies allowed people to establish their personalities in different scientific ways. Neither the Pentagon nor Silicon Valley are the ones who destroyed the USSR, but rather the Beatles who presented an attractive picture of the West and forced the young people in the USSR to hate their country.

My Comment: The idea is true, but it isn’t fully understood and perceived yet: Instead of searching for new technologies in order to change man and his society, the technology of man’s correction by the Upper Light will come along. Humanity is already feeling its way trying to see where it can put its foot in order to make the right step forward…

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