A Progress Trap

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Ronald Wright, from About.com): “The film, based on Ronald Wright’s insightful nonfiction book, A Short History of Progress, presents convincing arguments that technology if not used appropriately and in moderation can lead to adverse conditions and the collapse of civilization – if not the actual demise of humankind.

“Wright, who is interviewed in the film, points to ‘progress traps,’ or instances in which human know how, belief systems or technologies that have solved short term needs have actually had adverse effects.

“One example, presented as a dramatic reenactment in the film, is the prehistoric hunt for woolly mammoths – it was progress when our ancestors figured out how to hunt efficiently, killing two beasts at a time instead of one, but when they figured out how to slay the whole herd by driving them off a cliff, they killed off their entire future food supply, and put their survival in jeopardy. That’s a progress trap that anyone can understand. And, that the same sort of dangerous behavior persists today is raised by Jane Goodall, who points out that humankind’s continued exploitation of Earth’s resources and the wasteful consumption exacerbated by ever increasing use of technologies that are deemed as progress, is simply not good for the future evolution — or survival — of the species.

Surviving Progress is filled with information and presents a wide range of arguments that call for a reconsideration of the notion of progress. The film covers a smorgasbord of concerns that are presented as a nourishing mixed salad of reenactments, graphics and on camera interviews. It is an intellectually stimulating and provocative film that raises more questions than it answers. The essential question is a valid and challenging one: Is humankind sufficiently evolved to be able to handle its know how and not allow the misuse of technology to eventually destroy civilization? That’s a question that should be considered by everyone.”

My Comment: Today, we are outgrowing these errors due to the current crisis. It is hoped that it is understood that the egoistic economy has come to an end, and it should change to the economy of happiness in equal abundance for our bodies and in unlimited development for our souls.

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